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Dormant Gamers

So many games, so little time

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A community to help busy gamers keep their goals in focus when RL (Real Life) takes over.
You're a gamer. You like to play games. You have this whole stash of games in your room or in the house. But for some reason, you DON'T have the time to play everything as much as you want. And then there's all the new games coming out. When will you ever get the time to play EVERYTHING?

Here at dormant_gamers, we can't give you the time. What we can give you is a community of other busy gamers like you, gamers who WANT to play the games but in a span of 24 hours, you can't seem to squeeze in that much needed game time. No wonder you're still stuck in that level. With the help of this community, you can remember what you needed to do (ex. finish this game, get up to this level) when you finally find yourself bored. You might find encouragement to finish/leave a game by other people who have been there, done that.

Take note, however, that this is NOT a community to brag about your gaming achievements. We will NOT tolerate this, so please, get a life. ;)


  1. New member? Start off with an introduction about yourself, what games do you like to play, what gaming "goals" do you have (you can even put timeframes if you want), and what's keeping you from doing the job. ;)

  2. You're highly encouraged to tick off one "goal" from your list every month. It's not required - Real Life might be really THAT important - but still, you joined this community to get back into the spirit of gaming, right?

  3. Feel free to post when you've crossed something off your goals list, or to ask around if a game's worth getting/finishing.

  4. Please be mindful of YOUR LANGUAGE and ATTITUDE. We don't want assholes in here, thank you very much.

  5. Rules will be changed at the discretion of the maintainer.


- luckychan for the name, inspired from dormant_muses
- thefulcrum for the layout