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Dormant Gamers
So many games, so little time
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25th-Jul-2008 12:17 pm - FF13 on PC
Oh hey.


To quote Lucius Fox, "Now that's more like it, Mr. Wayne."

Now then, to get the rest of the 360 JRPG wave where they belong, too.
23rd-Jul-2008 10:37 am - What I'm looking forward to
Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony's presentations may have largely sucked at E3, but there was also a flood of genuinely delicious offerings to savor: Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3, Dragon Age, C&C Red Alert 3, Crysis Warhead, Dead Space, the new Prince of Persia. Definitely lookin' forward to all of those. There was also that beautiful, beautiful announcement of FF13 for the 360, an excellent fuck you to navel-gazing "exclusivity" and a step in the right direction for Capcom-style multiplatform normalcy.

But what I'm really been waiting for since forever is this:

17th-Jul-2008 10:42 am - controversial challenge #1
dbz - cell | stop
Hey all,

I'm well aware that most people didn't seem to understand the challenge we've presented on this post.

 I will just reiterate the following:
  1. You're not forced to participate if you don't like the idea.
  2. It is not about trying to find love in an MMORPG, it's about seeing if people are more carefree and how easy/difficult it is to warm up to people in-game. You are not forced to start a relationship and/or continue to pursue a relationship that you don't want. The way I see it, it is no different to a confidence exercise. If you are not the type of person to approach people in the hopes of getting to know them more, this will be a different experience.
  3. If you are already in a committed relationship, #2 already contradicts the notion that you have to be looking for love in order to join. This challenge is purely for fun.
  4. We are not out to dupe other people - I suggest that you be yourself (just more confident and approachable) when you do the challenge. Actually, I'm making it a rule right now that your character must be the same gender as you are.
That said, I know we picked a rather controversial challenge to start with, but I was hoping people wouldn't take it too seriously. Again, you don't have to continue the relationship! You can just log off and forget the whole thing ever happened. I also suggest that you read the article that inspired this challenge before partaking in it.

 If you have been burned in online relationships before, this might hit too close to home, so I do apologise if that is the case. :(

BUT... for those who are still ready to participate... we will be waiting for your findings! :)
Kyon headshake

Hi all!

Haven’t updated in a while, but before I do that, I’d like to present a sort of… challenge to our little community over here.

First of all, this was inspired by this amusing little article over here:


So… if you haven’t already guessed, this will be a challenge to those MMORPG players, or gamers wanting to try their hand at MMORPGs with a bit of a twist straight off the bat.

Further details: hereCollapse )
suzumiya haruhi  - mischievous smile
Hey guys,

I know this community hasn't been the most active (hence the word "dormant") but I know everyone's out there gaming the best way they can. Still, we need to wake DG up with some fun, exciting stuff.

So we'll be having our first ever Dormant Gamers Challenge for this month (and the next month)!

albert_karlo will be posting up the rules soon.

Hope everyone participates in the challenge! (You're not required to join, but we'd appreciate it if you did!) Get some other people to join as well, so that we can make the community not too dormant ^^

DG Founder
15th-Jul-2008 10:02 am - FF13 on Xbox360
Nuninu balita balita


*wanders back to crysis multiplayer*
5th-Jun-2008 08:50 pm(no subject)
June's here already, and schoolwork are starting to pile up on me, so I guess I won't be able to put up too many goals for this month. Well, I'll still try, so here goes:

  1. Get my butt to start playing pRO again and make my lv 97 knight finally reach lv 99
  2. Finish "The World Ends With You", with max out stats
  3. Finish "Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Rhevis" (This one got bumped down by P3:FES)
  4. Finish "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3: Fes" (This one got bumped down by TWEWY)

Well, since riisha jotted down her TWEWY stats, I might as well do the same.


ESP'er rank ........................... Reaper ........... C
ESP'er points ......................... 667 pts .......... E
Noise Report ............. 63 types ... 65.6% ............ B
Pin Mastery .............. 60 types ... 19.7% ............ E
Item Collection ......... 270 types ... 57.2% ............ C

Chapter    Beat,Day 6

I know, my stats are kinda low that far into the game, but I knida got bored midway in chapter 2, so I just sorta breezed thru the game up to Beat, Day 6.*

2nd-Jun-2008 10:47 pm - *sneeze*
suzumiya haruhi  | introduction to boobs
Hi guys,

Sorry I haven't been the most active moderator/founder ^^;; Anyway, June has started and everyone is supposed to have a goal in mind. And as much as possible finish off any goals they might not have finished for the previous month.

For myself, I didn't actually have any goals last month, but I did play most of my games, which is an accomplishment for me ^_^ Never mind that I technically did not finish/complete anything.

- Sims 2: Played using most of the features found in FreeTime and Open For Business. I lost interest when one of my main characters got pregnant >_> Will probably continue my "story" later this month...

- Mario Kart Wii: Not a new purchase but another gift ^^ I can play it by myself but it's more fun with other people of course. And I just recently found out that the GC controller is loads better to use... >_> Silly me for struggling with the Wii wheel.

- Guild Wars: Factions: I played a bit with my partner-in-crime and even managed to complete a quest!! After two hours that is.

- Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games DS: Another game I'm just borrowing, but it's good fun while on the train. Managed to unlock some of the Dream events and Advanced Class circuits.

Again, for this month I'm not going to put down any goals (I'm such a good example aren't I?) but I might buy a new DS game... one which has STORY (Trauma Center, I'm looking at you - or maybe even Layton?) I'm also going to trade in 2 of my Wii games - Super Paper Mario and Boogie. I had high hopes for the former but I can't seem to make myself finish it, so I'm not going to hold onto it any longer. It's a great game, great concept, but I'm not too motivated to continue playing. Boogie is a disappointment - I was so sure I'd be dancing and singing at the same time - but apparently I had the wrong idea. So, out it goes as well.
31st-May-2008 09:45 am - The Jolly Month of June
Takamiya, Happy
First review post!

Since I didn't actually post actual goals last month, I'm just going to do a stat rundown in my current games =3

Fake-table intensiveCollapse )
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