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Dormant Gamers
So many games, so little time
Current Gamer Status: Intermittently Active 
17th-Nov-2008 12:11 pm
Mizuki drums
Or "Actively Intermittent"

Somewhat of a paradox I guess, but it's mostly because I only game on the weekends when I'm not out, and also in the few hours after work and before turning in.

Current things I'm sort-of-regularly playing:

- Rock Band
- Guitar Hero: World Tour
- Gears of War 2

Recently dropped/shelved/delayed finishing:

- Fable II
- Castle Crashers
- Soul Calibur IV

That's all... and they're all on the XBOX360.

P.S. I just noticed how appropriate my userpic is right now ^_^ and RB >>> GH:WT. Can't wait until RB2 hits the PAL shores of Aussieland.

P.P.S. Originally and accidentally posted this into my own journal <_< yay me! *eyeroll*
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