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Dormant Gamers
So many games, so little time
What's your current gamer status? 
17th-Nov-2008 11:44 am
beagle oro
*kicks community out of dormancy*

Come along now people, let's try to at least have more than one entry per month! I know this place is for "dormant" gamers, but this in itself is not quite a game - so no need for the community to remain dormant.

Here's the gist of this post: tell us what YOUR current gaming status and habits are like. Update each month, and make sure you post in NEW ENTRIES and not just replies to this or other people's entries. I'll post mine up after this one, but just to set a standard, the post subject should be something like:

Current Gamer Status: Quiet

Simple, yes? Just the first three words; then a colon; then a descriptor of your choice. Doesn't even have to be a single word descriptor! It can be TWO! *gasp*
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